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Welcome dear readers to this website, an oline platforms where you will be able to know about what is happening within the Old Boys Association. This year marks the second year of leadership of the Executive Committee of 2018/2020 since taking over leadership in March 2018.

I wish to thank the College Administration under the leadership of Rev. Bro. Augustine Mugabo for your leadership that has continued to blend good results at both O and A ‘Level. I applaud you for continuing to implement progressive policies in the administration of the college which have enabled us as old boys to be part of the general development of the school. We cannot take that for granted. I therefore wish to implore you to continue your stewardship in a manner that enables the excellence of our sons academically and in all aspects of life.

As you be aware, the projects that we steer as old boys are not only an expression of our love for our Alma Mater, they also label our sense of belonging to the SHACK Family.  As SHACKOBA, we are committed to continue supporting the College that nurtured us as it heads towards the Commemorations of 100 years. The Centennial celebration of 100 years of SHACK is fast approaching and it’s the talk around town. We are surely excited to take part in one of the development projects at the College. I wish to inform the readers that SHACKOBA decided to spearhead the soliciting of funds to construct THE SHACK EDUCATION CENTRE. I want to take this opportunity to thank all individuals, parents, old boys, students, and well-wishers, who attended our fundraising dinner last November that saw us realise funds for this project to kick off. We are forever indebted and thank you for supporting the cause. Am pleased to inform you that the construction of the Education Center started in February 2019 and the pictures have been shared in this edition. I would like to appeal you to continue supporting the cause through your cohort leaders.   

Dear fellow Old boys allow me inform you that the Old Boys Association also supports students through the SHACKOBA Scholarship Scheme. Until this year, the scheme was only open to students who have gone through the College. However, we decided to extend our olive branch to external students. This year the Association scouted and identified an external student who was taken on to benefit from this scheme and is currently in S5. To date, the scheme has over 15 beneficiaries and we hope to take on more as we close in the distance to 2022.

Let me take this opportunity to inform you that the Executive Committee has been going through a painstakingly engaging process of putting in place robust and implementable policies as well as building structures that will guarantee the sustainability and continuity of SHACKOBA. I would therefore wish to sincerely thank all the Cohort leaders who are our voice to the other members of the association, and friends of SHACK who tirelessly contribute towards these projects. We are indeed proud of you.

The SHACKOBA Brand has continued to grow as we continue to create bonds with other Alumni Associations and corporate entities. I’m thrilled to report that many new and improved initiatives are on the horizon to help connect and engage more alumni, students, and friends across the years and around the world

Let me conclude by thanking all of you for your support, and we look forward to the continued support and active involvement of the entire membership to carry out our activities in the coming years.


Apollo Kivumbi (ChE, CEPA, RFS & FAAFM)




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